Excited to Join Vancouver GrowLab's Spring 2014 Cohort

We are pleased to announce that we are 1 of 4 companies to be chosen for Vancouver's accelerator GrowLab Spring 2014 cohort! To provide some context, GrowLab received more than 350 applications and interviewed more than 70 start-ups. We're excited to be sharing this journey with Ethical Deal, PrintToPeer and Spark CRM.

Read TechVibes' article here: Under New Leadership, GrowLab Reveals First Four Startups of Spring 2014 Cohort

BitLit for iOS, Waiting for Review

Just a quick update for those of you who are waiting (patiently) for the iPhone & iPad version of BitLit. We submitted the app for review on January 30th, and have been back and forth with Apple on a few user interface items since then.

Sony Avoids Marooning Customers in US & Canada Reader Store Closing

Sony ReaderLast week Sony announced that it was shutting down its North American eBook business. While this is announcement big news, what I find most interesting is the path forward Sony has laid out for its Reader Store customers.

Angry Robot Books brings eBook bundling program to North America

Angry Robot ClonefilesIn 2012, Angry Robot Books began partnering with Indie bookshops in the UK to offer free eBook bundling via the Clonefiles initiative. Angry Robot has been giving DRM-free eBook editions free as companions to all physical books sold at participating Clonefiles stores. Now, Clonefiles is coming to North America.

The Social Economics of eBook Bundling

Last week, we looked at the physical economics of eBook bundling and saw that publishers stand to significantly increase their profits when they offer eBook bundling at 75% off the digital price.  This week, I’d like to take a look at why publishers would offer that same eBook for free.

BitLit Welcomes Publisher Berrett-Koehler

Berrtt-Koehler CatalogueBitLit is thrilled to welcome Berrett-Koehler Publishers to the BitLit family as our first publisher of 2014. Since its inception, Berrett-Koehler has been dedicated to an ambitious mission: Creating a World that Works for All.