• Additional Revenue

    Sales of bundled frontlist titles and incremental revenue from eBook sales of validated backlist titles.

  • Increase Print Sales

    Studies show that readers are encouraged to buy a print book if it's bundled with an eBook.

  • Connect With Readers

    Publishers can connect directly with readers to build a stronger online community.

  • Improve Discoverability

    Bricks-and-mortar bookstores become the locus of title discovery for both print and digital books.

  • Diversify The Retail Landscape

    BitLit enables a hybrid retail solution that supports physical and digital bookselling.


Here's how to participate in the BitLit eBook bundling program:

Register with BitLit. There are no setup, hosting or participation fees.

Submit eBook files and metadata. BitLit is setup to receive asset and ONIX feeds from DAMs such as CoreSource, Constellation, DeMarque, IPG, Firebrand, codeMantra, etc.

BitLit takes a small commission on each sale. There is no commission on free bundled eBooks.


Here are a few of the publishers we work with: