BitLit enables publishers to offer an ebook to readers who already own a print copy. Books can be purchased from any retailer at any time. BitLit will work directly with your marketing team to promote your titles as well as coordinating special promotions through bookstores. Learn how you can increase your sales and engage directly with your readers using BitLit.


  • Additional Revenue

    With BitLit you'll gain revenue from the sale of bundled frontlist titles and incremental revenue from sales of backlist titles.

  • Increase Print Sales

    Our in-store promotions with bookstores have shown that readers buy more books when the ebook is included.

  • Connect With Readers

    Imagine knowing all the readers who love your books and being able to tell them when a new title is released. Magic.

  • Improve Discoverability

    Through our in-store promotions and online marketing campaigns we'll work with you to help you sell more books.

  • Diversify The Retail Landscape

    BitLit enables a hybrid retail solution that supports physical and digital bookselling.

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